Tasting the Winemaking Consultant’s “Home” Wine


Domaine de l'A red wine Domaine de l’A is the home vineyard of Stéphane and Christine Derenoncourt

What Kind of Wine Do Consultants Make at Home?
In the world of wine, there are winemakers whose expertise is respected to the point that they are searched out for advice, and often end up building a business around their approach. Each has a unique approach. For some, rich, ripe, smooth polished international style of wine is the desired outcome.

Stéphane Derenoncourt takes a different approach. He guides vignerons toward creating a healthy vineyard with vines whose roots reach deep into the soil. He is a proponent of organic and biodynamic viticulture. Stéphane came to winemaking the hard way, starting out as a vineyard worker, then working in the cellar of several estates for years before he found his way into winemaking and leading the operation. Today he happily consults for small clients with humble aspirations as well…

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Port to warm a winter evening


A Glass of Port by the Fire
For those of us who choose to live in the northern, snowy regions of the earth, the idea of a nice rich, deep sweet finish to an evening sounds great. To my friends in Florida, central and southern California, I say, you must occasionally have a rainy, cool gray day, right? Perfect time for a glass of port by the fire. Or even an exhausting day at work, time to sit down, put your feet up and take a few minutes to just rest and reflect. Port Time!

Cockburn's Special Reserve Port in the snow Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port is sure to warm your heart on a cold winter day

Many Variations of Port
Traditionally, Port is explained as having two main styles: bottle aged and barrel aged. I would argue there are three mains styles with many variations between. All (red) ports start out the same: the grapes are…

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